If there is one thing that product managers get paid for is the “prioritization”. Prioritization, however, doesn’t come without a Trade-off. Various prioritization tools and frameworks are at the product manager’s disposal. However, when there is a lack of information to effectively apply the theory of prioritization to practical there comes critical reasoning. The vision that guides any prioritization is the success metrics. In this article, I have explored prioritization and trade-offs in the light of metrics and critical reasoning. I have also written notes at the beginning of each topic for the busy bees.

As a product manager consider…

If you are working as a tech product manager you must have heard the term APIs in your career or If you are someone looking to move into tech product or program management you must have come across “understanding of APIs” as a requirement for the role. So let’s understand what APIs are.

Disclaimer: This article is very foundational with preliminary understanding and is best suited for product owners or product managers within the tech domain. This article won’t suggest which technologies to use over what but will only explain the concepts. …

Swati Aggarwal

Tech loving product manager

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